Saltwater Sparkle

Style by the sea.


Hey y'all! I'm Becca.  I started off in New Jersey, but moved to Virginia as a child and quickly embraced the Spirit of the South.  After attending Virginia Tech, (Go Hokies!) I moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to pursue my career.  Living by the beach has both filled me with incredible joy and given me a newfound appreciation for heavy-duty sunscreen.

I'm the type of girl who carries around a giant purse that's always filled to the brim with things ranging from conveniences to the ridiculous.  You can normally find me wearing a ridiculous amount of color accented by black cat hair.  When not taking advantage of my proximity to the ocean, I can also be found either taking advantage of one of the island's many restaurants or attempting to cook up something myself.

At the end of the day, I'm a girl who loves dressing up.  Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy some of the things I put together!

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