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Monday, August 3, 2015

Where I try a bunch of face masks so you don't have to

Until fairly recently, I've been a horrible example of taking care of my skin.  I've been using an apricot scup (that shall remain nameless) and whatever moisturizer was cheapest since middle school.  Not that long ago though, I had the opportunity to get my first facial (which was awesome!) and got a bit of an overdue lecture.  After promising basically the entire spa staff that I would stop using the apricot scrub immediately, I recommitted myself to better skin care.  After all, I take pride in my clothing and style, shouldn't that same dedication extend to my face?  Luckily, some parts of good skin care are insanely fun, like face masks!  And what is the point of having a blog if you can't share your face mask experiences?  I shared some of my favorites below.

This mask has a cult following for a reason.  It's cheap, it clears my skin up, and it lasts forever.  Bonus- It really smells like a mint julep!  Seriously though, this mask might be one of the best budget items that I've ever used.  Use a thin layer about once a week and your skin will thank you.  If you have oily skin, use it a little more often because this stuff will absorb it all for you!

If I won the lottery, I would buy a lifetime supply of this mask.  Sometimes, Sephora will send it out as a sample with your order and let me tell you, I live for those days.  This stuff is amazing.  It goes on in this grey color and you can see the pockets of oil it absorbs from your skin.  Gross?  Oh, yeah.  Every time I've used it, I've seem immediate improvement in blackheads, blemishes, and redness.  If they ever discontinue Glamglow, there will be riots.

Oh my gosh, is this fun.  Basically, you put it on as a thick gel, and when it dries, you get to PEEL IT OFF YOUR FACE.  So much fun!  It gives me a nice glow when I use it and leaves me feeling bright and clean.  I love that it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry afterwards--definitely a fun and fantastic mask!

The Dermalogica brand as a whole has just totally changed my skin.  But what I might love most about this is that a little goes a long way.  I got a sample a couple months ago and it's still going strong.  My skin always feels a little firmer and revitalized after this.  Using this has made me really want to try this sampler from the Age Smart line.  Even though I'm in my early 20's, it's never too early to be thinking of your skin long-term!


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