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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Subscription Box Showdown

In the past few years, there's been the trend of subscription beauty boxes.  Basically, you pay a company a set fee each month and they mail you a surprise array of items.  Of course, not all subscription beauty boxes are created equal.  Lucky for you, I'm what most would call an "impulse buyer," or what my mother would call "irresponsible."  I've tried several of them (and cancelled several of them) and like most things, I'm eager to share my opinions with you.  Check below for my favorites.

 $24.99/month for Maven or $39.99/month for Maven Luxe
My favorite thing about Julep is that each month, you actually have the option to skip your box, although that may be difficult!  Julep is mainly known for their nail polishes, which are actually pretty dang amazing.  However, in my last box with them, I got their new lip crayons which are the most moisturizing, yet long-lasting things I've ever used.  They always have some pretty fun add-ons that you have the option to grab each month.  Overall, I like how customizable it is.  You get the surprise of curated items but a good deal of personal selection as well.  Even if I skip my box, I always appreciate the things Julep put together for it.

$10.00/month or $110.00/year

Birchbox is a great budget subscription and I've always loved their packaging.  Lately however, I feel like they've been moving towards having more skincare/hair products and less cosmetics.  There's nothing wrong with this, but if you're looking to mostly try new make-up, it might now be the subscription box for you.  I don't currently subscribe to Birchbox anymore but it did introduce me to some of my very favorite products I wouldn't have found otherwise.  It's a good box for a small "Treat Yo'Self" moment each month.

$10.00/month or $110.00/year

Ipsy's signature thing is that each month, you get five cosmetic products in a new specially designed make-up bag.  At first, I loved this, but then I realized I had no idea what to do with a pile of make-up bags that didn't exactly fit my aesthetic.  Ipsy is more make-up oriented than birchbox.  They do have a lot of brands I hadn't heard of before, but it really did open my mind to that whole big make-up filled world.  Ipsy was a fun subscription and I liked seeing if I would get the "must-have" product of that month. (Spoiler Alert: I never got it.)


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