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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When did Brooks Brothers become cool?

Although I admittedly dress in a pretty preppy aesthetic, for some reason Brooks Brothers never spoke to me before.  Maybe it's because of my love of color and print, but I always thought of Brooks Brothers as "old lady-ish."  Keep in mind, I'm someone who was told she dressed like Neon Audrey Hepburn today and took at as the greatest compliment of all time.  The other day though, I walked past a Brooks Brothers window and was immediately drawn in by prints, color, and generally preppy whimsy.  Has Brooks Brothers always been this cool?  WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON?  Right now, they're having a huuuuuge semi-annual sale so see below for some of my favorite picks.

WHAT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL KALEIDOSCOPE PRINT?!?  Seriously y'all.  Seriously.  This reminds me of one of my very favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints.

I'm going to admit right here and now... I bought this shirt.  I mean, it's called the "Gingham Fun" shirt!  The sleeves are different colors!  It's the most fabulous button-down I've ever seen in my entire life.

I don't know what I love more about this dress--the beautiful nautical print or the fact that it separates to work as a dress OR a skirt OR a shirt.  This was sold out in my size or I would have scooped it up in a heart beat. 

I saw this and immediately thought Fourth of July.  With how hot this summer is, don't we all need some easy to throw on t-shirt dresses?  Bonus points when they're patriotic like this one.


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