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Monday, June 1, 2015

The uniform

All of us have our "default outfit," the thing that we pull out for minimum effort and maximum effect.  I've become pretty well known both in my social circle and in the workplace for my uniform--a Lilly Pulitzer jersey dress, Jack Rodgers sandals, and bright and/or blingtastic jewelry.  Occasionally there are variations.  If I'm feeling fancy, wedges might make an appearance or if I'm feeling lazy, you'll see my hair pulled up instead.  But I thrive on comfort and wear this outfit in a different print at least once a week.

Lilly Pulitzer jersey dresses are amazing.  They're under $100, flattering as heck, and feel like you're wearing pajamas.  Right now there are several cute prints available, including the newest edition to my closet, the Marlowe dress in the Red Right Return print.  The one I'm wearing is called Tusk In Sun  and boooooooooooy, was it impossible to resist the bright blue and elephant print.  Lilly Pulitzer does a killer elephant print. 

I managed to get both of my Kendra Scott pieces on sale, but have become so enamored with them that I would definitely say they are worth full price.  The earrings don't pull down on my ears, which is all I want from anything hanging from my ear.  Even though I gravitated to the magenta shade, these come in every color you could ever imagine.  Eventually, I'll end up with some darker ones for winter time.

So if you're looking for me on a day where I have to work early, chances are that I'm wearing some variation of this outfit.  Having a go-to uniform takes the stress out of when I don't plan ahead and makes it so I can always feel good about how I'm looking for the day.  Now I'm curious... What's your go-to uniform?



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