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Friday, June 5, 2015

The ten commandments of shopping

1. Thou shalt not buy full price.
These days with the internet as a resource, you should never be stuck with paying full price!  Stores that have outlets mark down their items at least once in month.  Designer items now have "surprise sales," bi-annual sales, or end up being a part of a department store friends and family event.  When in doubt, sign up for a store's e-mail list.  Chances are that the first e-mail you get is a coupon, along with nice bonuses such as birthday month discounts as well.

There is however, an exception to a commandment.  If an full-priced item will haunt you for the rest of your life if it sells out before you can purchase it marked down, by all means, GO GET IT.  We all have the great clothing item that got away. (I still stalk E-Cray for this black cat dress from Lilly Pulitzer.)

2. Thou shall help a sister out.
I do not think I would have survived the great Lilly Pulitzer for Target onslaught of 2015 without my friend Lauren by my side.  We alerted each other as each item went live, staying up way to late to grab everything on our wish lists.  It was fashion teamwork at it's finest.  There's always safety in numbers when it comes to shopping.

3. Thou shall always try things on.
I'm guilty of breaking this one all the time.  That beautiful dress that looked fantastic on the hanger?  Well at home, it looks like a potato sack and SURPRISE--it's final sale.  Yeah, fitting rooms are basically torture chambers with hideous lighting, but it's better than spending a bunch of money on a dress that ends up being all weird and ill-fitting.

4. Thou shall respect those who work in retail.
Look.  Working in retail is HARD.  You have weird hours, you work on weekends, and you don't get paid much for it.  I remember working retail part-time in college and being consistently talked down to on a daily basis like my job made me a slacker or something.  Retail workers are people too.  Respect store hours and let those folks go home to their families.  Don't blame a cashier because you waited too long to return something and now it's too late.  All in all, use the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way that you wish to be treated.

5. Thou shall attempt to avoid the dreaded "sale goggles."
Ahh yes... the retail equivalent of drunk goggles.  We all love good deals, but don't buy something JUST because it's on sale.  Do you really need that neon gingham bedazzled crop top or do you just like it because it's $12?  Please tell me that no one needs a neon gingham bedazzled crop top.  (Guys, I think I might have just talked myself into wanting a neon gingham bedazzled crop top.)

6. Thou shalt not buy shoes she cannot walk in.
Seriously. Just. Don't. Do. It.

7. Thou shall try and be reasonable.
I've always coveted L.L. Bean duck boots.  But I live in South Carolina, on an island that doesn't know true cold.  It makes no sense for me to own them living here--especially with them being a higher cost item.  Ditto for the classic Barbour Beadnell jacket.  I admire them on others but have to get into practicality.  At the end of the day, is it really a "must-have" item if you'll never use it?

8. Thou shalt not lose her dang mind.
Do not be like one of those crazy people who goes into hysterics and causes stampedes on Black Friday to get a cheap television.  Remember--it's just clothing.  Nothing is worth the price of your dignity.

9. Thou shalt not be bothered by the size on the tag.
Stores all size their clothing differently.  Heck, brands sometimes will have their sizing all over the place.  It's perfectly fine to be a size 6 in one store and a size 10 in another.  Don't try and squeeze into something that will be too small, too uncomfortable, and less flattering. The only person who's going to see the tag is you.  Do not let something as silly as a centimeter tall number sewn into the lining of your outfit hold back your awesomeness.

10. Thou shall buy quality over quantity.
Another rule that has an exception--if you're looking for a trendy piece of clothing that won't be in style next season, by all means, purchase it at Forever 21.  However, when you want something to last, do your research.  Look up brands and read reviews.  Absolutely stay within your budget, but ultimately be willing to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime.  Celebrate victories and accomplishments by treating yourself.  For instance, if you own a decent blazer, it will last you forever and be incorporated into so many outfits that you'll be able to justify the cost-per-wear.  

So there you have it, folks--my ten commandments of shopping.  May they treat you well and may the fashion odds be always in your favor.  Oh, and hey...


  1. Donna Meagle is my Patronus!!!! LOL

    I love this and I am totally sharing!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Donna is only basically the best person ever!


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