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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The perfect day in Paris

When I came back to work from Europe, I told my boss I wanted to transfer to the Paris office.  I was only half joking.  Paris is one of the most fantastic places I've ever been and I'm so very blessed to have had the chance to explore it with my sisters.  Our last day in the City of Lights was incredibly busy but pure awesomeness.  When I came home, I definitely couldn't feel my feet for a few days because of all the walking but it was so so so worth it.

It was so dang intimidating to pack for Paris!  It's basically recognized as the most fashionable place in the world and I must say, there were some very well styled folks roaming the streets!  Luckily, my striped t-shirt dress was incredible comfortable and my very favorite Vineyard Vines Anorak jacket was the perfect weight for the weather.  Tory Burch riding boots are easily the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, (even though I got them on sale!) but I must say, they live up to the extremely high expectations I had set for them.  I have friends who swear that they will last me the rest of my life.  We're a little soon into my ownership of them to know this quite yet, but they did hold up fantastically over several days of heavy use.

Fun fact about Paris... It's a fantastic place to stock up on Longchamp bags.  My sisters and I all stocked up on bags from their Champs Elysees store.  I can't wait to feature the bag I got in an upcoming post sometime.  It is so ridiculously girlie, pink, and fabulous.  France also gives you your tax back when you spent a certain amount of Euros!  My sisters and I each paid only about 75% of what we would have spent buying the same backs here.  It allowed us all the more money to buy macarons...

I found Heaven and its name is Laduree.  Luckily, they have a few stores in the good ole' USA now!  The best part?  I'll be only three blocks away from their South Beach location in October!  What's an unreasonable amount to spend on macarons?  Trick question... The limit does not exist.

We also had the opportunity to tour the catacombs of Paris, which was so incredibly creepy and amazing all at the same time.  It was something that I really really wanted to do, but while touring the lights liked to flicker and I kept having flashbacks to the Edgar Allen Poe story "The Cask of Amontillado," which if you've never read, is a great motivator to never enter catacombs or any sort of underground or enclosed place.  

The night ended with dinner in a small French cafe and a beautiful cruise down the Seine.  Seeing Paris illuminated at night was nothing short of magical.  I'm already counting down until I can return to France.  One of my very good friends is moving there this October and I can't wait to visit her and maybe take some time to test out some wineries... Not like I've thought about it a lot or anything.


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  1. I love the outfit! It's very chic.


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