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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prep in your step

There's something about the combination of pink and green that manages to scream summer prettiness.  I absolutely love it.  This outfit also has the distinguished bonus of mixing gingham and seersucker, which might be the best fashion combination south of the Mason Dixon.

Even though Vineyard Vines is based out of New England, they've become a Southern Staple--for good reason.  The quality of their garments is always outstanding.  (I've had my very favorite jacket from them for several years now.)  I got my green gingham shirt from their outlet in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware way back when, and have collected a couple colors since.  If anyone from Vineyard Vines is reading this, please please open more outlets, especially in Hilton Head!  I promise to personally keep y'all in business.  Until then, I'll just online stalk and droll over these awesome Oxfords and the most amazing piece of outerwear I've ever seen in my entire life.

But seriously, y'all, how adorable are these scalloped seersucker pink shirts from Lilly Pulitzer?  I'm a sucker for anything with scallops, which makes me such a happy camper, since they're everywhere this season.  I don't think I can go shopping alone anymore.  I see scallops and its like a moth drawn to a flame, except that flame is more of a burning desire to buy everything in sight.  

Rounding up the look are Jack Rodgers, which basically go with everything (but have no traction, as I managed to completely fall over on the dock while wearing them) and my favorite souvenir from Paris--the pink Longchamp bag that has been the affectionate name of "Barbie Purse" by my coworkers.  I'm absolutely in love with this bag, even if every time I look at it I'm reminded that I'm no longer in Paris Paradise.  Fun fact: About five minutes ago I realized that you can personalize Longchamp Le Pliage bags on their website and now I might be slightly obsessed with getting one. 

I wore this outfit for a casual boat ride with some friends and coworkers and it was so great to see Hilton Head from the water!  If you even think about visiting the island, a boat tour is definitely a must-do.  We're right on a dolphin migratory path and they always love to come up and play around the boats.  And I must say, the views of the island are pretty spectacular as well.


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