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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Glitter! Pineapples! GLITTER PINEAPPLES!

Y'all, yesterday was just not a very nice day.  In an attempt to make it a little better, I decided to do some online browsing at J Crew.  Scrolling through the main page, something quickly caught my eye... A GLITTER PINEAPPLE PURSE.  That got me to thinking, "Hmmm.  I should do a post about glitter.  Or do I do one about pineapples?"  These are the deep thoughts that I have.  Fortunately for all of you, J Crew has other glitter bags, so this post has expanded to touch on not just sparkly pineapples, but all glitter fruit in general.

At first, I was really impressed with J Crew's whimsy but then I realized that these purses were in the children's section.  Then I decided that I really don't care.  Should a woman in her twenties be ashamed to buy a sparkly pineapple purse from the children's section for her own person use?  No.  Something that feels that right cannot be wrong.  If for some reason, you harbor an unnatural dislike of pineapples though, have I got some news for you!  There's also a sparkle watermelon and a sparkle banana!

Is there a practical usage for these bags?  Absolutely not.  Will I stalk them religiously throughout the summer to try and snatch one up?  Heck yeah!  They're fun, they can fit my cell phone and lip balm, (well... maybe not the banana.  Just how would you get an iPhone in there?) and they have glitter like whoah.  Someone out in the wide world of the internet please tell me I'm not crazy for loving these.


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