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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bikini Beautiful

I spent most of yesterday hoping to find the perfect swimsuit and decided that with it finally turning into summer, (minus the dreary rain today) to share some of my favorite finds.  I'm a sucker for a printed one piece and have a feeling that one will be showing up in my closet very very soon...

Bikini shopping can be stressful for oh-so-many reasons.  For starters, I will never understand why swimsuits are more expensive than jeans now, but that just seems to be the new world that we live in.  And of course, bikini shopping means looking at your body in a dressing room with bad fluorescent lighting that seems to accentuate every flaw.  Even though swimsuits are made to be worn during the most carefree and fun moments of our lives, it's easy for those moments to turn into something stressful from all the pressure to look good in that bikini.

There's no magic wand that can photoshop us in real life.  But there's one thing that will instantly make you look 100% better... self-confidence.  It's important to remember that you are beautiful.  Self-doubt and fear will only hold you back.  Earlier today, I was out shopping and saw the awesome scalloped coral bikini pictured above.  I almost didn't even pick it up and distinctly remember thinking to myself, "too bad I never look good in strapless."  Eventually, I realized how silly I was being, went back, tried it on, and immediately fell in love with how it fit.  If I tried something strapless on sooner, I could have given myself so many more options to wear over the past few years!  It's weird that I was letting something so small give me so much doubt.

Never hold yourself back from wearing the clothes that you want to wear.  Whether you're on a journey with a changing body or have been wearing the same size for years, go out and try something new!  The shape or length you hated on yourself before could suddenly be your new best friend.  It's time to stop thinking, "I wish I could pull that off."  Instead, let's push our boundaries just a little bit every day and love the skin we're in.


  1. love the first swimmsuit *.*

    1. I ended up buying it! In-store it was even on sale for 25% off!


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