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Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's be lazy together!

Trust me, I'm not going to hail myself as a style icon or anything like that in this post.  I'm very aware that I'm wearing a sweatshirt (I did try to dress it up a little bit with the gingham collar--promise!).  But you know what?  Sometimes, if you're like me, and you're feeling lazy, sweatshirts are awesome.  I especially love this one because it's comfortable AND gives a shout out to the Salty Dog Cafe here on Hilton Head Island.  My friend Julia and I even became sweatshirt twins when she visited because we both immediately recognized our need for a mint sweatshirt featuring a dog in a hat.  With the rainstorms up and down the East Coast this week, I think everyone could use a good sweatshirt outfit this week.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Links a'la Mode

Happy Sunday! This week I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the blog's for Independent Fashion Blogger's top posts of the week. Having some summertime blues? Check out any of the excellent posts below and I guarantee they will go away!

Links a la Mode Weekly Roundup

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Back to Basics

Sometimes, you just need to throw on a t-shirt and jeans.  Luckily, that doesn't mean you have to be boring.  Palm prints are evvvvverywhere this summer (I recently also acquired a palm romper that will be making an appearance on this blog in the near future.) and I must admit... I love this trend.  As evidenced earlier, cowboy boots also go with everything and ended up making a perfect, yet lazy fabulous outfit to go wine tasting in.

P.S. Y'all... If you're ever in Stafford, Virginia, I highly recommend a trip to Potomac Point Winery.  It's really a beautiful spot and my family really enjoyed our tasting!  It's good to be visiting my parents and sister in Virginia for the next couple of days.  My sister just loooooooves taking my picture for this blog (Thanks Deanna!).  She always looks pretty adorable herself and maybe one of these days I'll convince her to let me share one of her looks with everyone on the internet.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When did Brooks Brothers become cool?

Although I admittedly dress in a pretty preppy aesthetic, for some reason Brooks Brothers never spoke to me before.  Maybe it's because of my love of color and print, but I always thought of Brooks Brothers as "old lady-ish."  Keep in mind, I'm someone who was told she dressed like Neon Audrey Hepburn today and took at as the greatest compliment of all time.  The other day though, I walked past a Brooks Brothers window and was immediately drawn in by prints, color, and generally preppy whimsy.  Has Brooks Brothers always been this cool?  WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON?  Right now, they're having a huuuuuge semi-annual sale so see below for some of my favorite picks.

WHAT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL KALEIDOSCOPE PRINT?!?  Seriously y'all.  Seriously.  This reminds me of one of my very favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints.

I'm going to admit right here and now... I bought this shirt.  I mean, it's called the "Gingham Fun" shirt!  The sleeves are different colors!  It's the most fabulous button-down I've ever seen in my entire life.

I don't know what I love more about this dress--the beautiful nautical print or the fact that it separates to work as a dress OR a skirt OR a shirt.  This was sold out in my size or I would have scooped it up in a heart beat. 

I saw this and immediately thought Fourth of July.  With how hot this summer is, don't we all need some easy to throw on t-shirt dresses?  Bonus points when they're patriotic like this one.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Instagram Roundup

Y'all, it has been hot out lately. I think this has been the eighth day we've had a heat advisory?  It's been a little too warm to be taking pictures out in the sun, (seriously--last time I tried, my camera overheated and shut down) so I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite shots from Instagram.

The best cure for the heat?  Ice Cream!  There's a great place on the island down in Harbour Town that has a ton of unique and delicious flavors.  This one I'm holding is called "Monster Cookie," a blend of peanut butter, M&M's, and cookie chunks.  It was amazing.  I'm thinking about putting together a guide to some of my favorite spots in Hilton Head and Harbour Town will definitely be on there.

These pants.  Ooooooh, these pants.  I originally tried these pants on as a joke.  The girl in the store and I were wondering how hot pink and silk jogger pants could look good on anyone.  I decided to try them on for the pure ridiculous factor.  Big mistake. Huuuuuge.  Look at these pants.  LOOK AT THEM.  They're fabulous.  I have dreams about them now.  I have so many questions though.  It's so hard to keep silk tops clean, what about silk pants?!    Would they wrinkle every time I sit down?  But these questions... I feel like they could all be answered if I just buy these fabulous pants.

Hilton Head Island's beloved French Bakery just reopened and so much closer to my work!  I'm in love with their crepes and macarons.  Will I be going there every day?  Yes, yes I will. Just look how pretty it is!

National Wear Your Lilly Day was this past Sunday and I thought it was the perfect time to wear my favorite maxi dress.  For all the tall girls out there, Lilly Pulitzer is awesome to get maxi dresses that are actually long enough for you.  I'm not particularly tall, so I always have to wear wedges with this dress.

This necklace is presented with only one comment: Best. Necklace. Ever. (Okay bonus extra comment- as of me writing this post, J Crew Factory is still doing 35% off everything on their website.)  Oh, and I guess there's a colorless version too, but where's the fun in that?

Last, but not least... I thought it would be fun to share a blog outtake.  I'm not the most... photogenic person and I tend to go into crazy awkward poses when in front of the camera, as evidenced above.  I could probably do a whole post on how not to pose for pictures by now.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bold & Bright

I love a good print, as evident from about 90% of my wardrobe.  When I stumbled on this dress during the recent J Crew Factory summer sale, I knew that it immediately needed to get in my closet.  Bonus?  It will look super gorgeous with tights in the winter time as well, although it feels ridiculous to even mention winter when Hilton Head is going through a crazy heat wave.  Seriously.  Planning on coming to Hilton Head soon?  I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE FEELING OF MELTING. 
I'm still loving this clutch and blinding people with its shininess.  In addition to the rose gold hue I have, there's also a pretty fantastic true gold and silver.  It's surprisingly roomy as well but I have learned to not put my ID in the back pocket unless I like it falling out and crawling around on the ground looking for my ID.  (Spoiler alert: I never like that).

I've definitely been on a bit of a J Crew kick lately, but I can't help it--their summer collection is ammmmazing.  It's a great mix of color, print, and classics.  J Crew is finally back to doing what they do best.  I'm not allowed to shop for a little bit since I'm saving for my upcoming trip to Monte Carlo (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but just so y'all know, the entire website is on sale an extra 35% off with the code NEWNEW.  Please go shop, so I can live vicariously through you.
dress // clutch // similar necklace // shoes // similar watch

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Naked Shoes

I've had the worst luck with shoes this week.  After managing to break one of my favorite pairs in Savannah, I also had a bit of a trial trying to track down the perfect "naked shoe."  Inspired by the Nudist pump originally by Suart Weitzman, the naked shoe is incredibly on-trend and for good reason!  The style is amazing because it lengthens your legs and is the perfect neutral, but maaaaaaan, is it hard to find a pair of these that are comfortable.  The first pair I tried managed to fall apart after an hour or so of wear, so I returned those and bought the Banana Republic ones below.  Luckily, these ones manage to be stylish, well-made, and even comfortable!

Of course, it's pretty fun to jazz up a nude shoe with some pretty polish, so I put together some options to fit all budgets below.  There's no better summer combination than the perfect neutral shoe and an obnoxiously bright polish.  Enjoy!
shoes (on sale!) // polish (also on sale!)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Things Living in the South Taught Me About Fashion & Life

1. The bigger the hair, the closer to God.
Or as we say in the sorority world--big hair, don't care. I have a theory about big hair down here south of the Mason Dixon. Basically, the humidity here is insane. I'm talking 90% humidity and a heat index level of 105 degrees insane. If you live down here, your hair WILL poof and I think the big hair was just a way to "steer into the skid," essentially. Hair spray quickly becomes an essential part of life. (I swear by L'oreal Elnett since it doesn't give me helmet hair, holds, AND brushes out easily, which is basically the hairspray trifecta.) I've quickly adjusted to the big-hair life and must say... it's awesome. Go big or go home.

2. Monogram all the things.
And booooooooy, do I mean all the things. I've seen monogrammed swimsuits, monogrammed car windows, monogrammed sports bras. I mean, if it's not monogrammed, does it even really belong to you? Now, while I do have my eye on a fabulous XXL monogrammed necklace, I do practice more monogrammed self-restraint than most (though I readily admit to a monogrammed hitch cover on my SUV). At the end of the day, it's pretty fun to essentially mark your territory in a curly, girly way. When in doubt? Monogram it. You'll be glad you did.

3. Lilly Pulitzer knows best.
Look, I didn't understand the bright colors of patterns until I became a sorority girl. Quickly, I became surrounded by the stuff and I realized something--people who wear Lilly are happy. You basically have to be bubbly and put on a smile when you're wearing a hot pink dress with an elephant print. It's the dress equivalent of looking at pictures of cute puppies and immediately feeling awesome. It doesn't hurt that Lilly pieces last basically forever and hide stains in their patterns like nobody's business. As Lilly wold say, "Life is a party. Dress like it."

4. Pearls go with everything.
I'm not kidding. Pearls are the ultimate neutral when it comes to accessories. When in doubt, throw on pearls. Packing and don't have room for a big ole' jewelry bag? Just bring some pearls! Want to feel fancy? PEARLS.

5. Cowboy boots are a closet essential.
Back in New Jersey, if you had told me that I would wear cowboy boots on the reg, I would have laughed and called you crazy. But then my family moved to Virginia and then I took it one step forward and moved as far south as you can go in South Carolina. In the midst of this, those little suckers grew on me. They're comfortable, indestructible, and fun. I wear them with jeans, Lilly Pulitzer, everything. A couple weeks ago I even took them line dancing. Cowboy boots immediately make you want to seek out adventure and if that isn't a must-add to your wardrobe, I don't know what is.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Savannah Style

I'm sad to report that I haven't taken advantage of my close proximity to Savannah nearly as much as I should have.  It's within an hour of Hilton Head and is definitely a place I must explore more often.  Savannah has all the characteristics of a great city--history, haunted places, and good food.  My friend Julia and I took a quick visit on Sunday and the only drawback was the incredibly high heat.  Luckily, between the Spanish moss and shady trees, there was some shelter from the heat other than dashing into air-conditioned boutiques as often as possible.  Right before we took these photos, I also managed to break these shoes, so I also have that going for me. (Cheers for solid website return policies!)

I bought the skirt about a month ago from J Crew Factory and recently added the gingham skirt and purse to my closet as well.  At first I felt like maybe I went a little crazy with their recent online sales, but I've really fallen in love with the versatility of these items.  The pink gingham will look amazing with white pants and Sperry's for a casual dockside look and the rose gold clutch is a great way to jazz up a neutral.

All in all, I felt like a 50's housewife wandering around Savannah, which is a pretty fantastic way to feel.  I can tell you right now--there will be several day trips to Savannah in the very near future.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to look like a very sexy highlighter

I used to believe that the only way to pull off neon was to be very tan but I've widened up in my old age and have since learned that neon is for everybody.  Let me tell you, if you're ever feeling sad, just put on some neon and you'll quickly learn that it's impossible to not immediately feel like a million bucks.

This dress was a very random find from J Crew Factory and the happy bonus of it being on sale is what tipped me into the "must order" category.  It definitely runs big and I had to order a size down, but once it was on, I was ready to get out and live it up.  Luckily, this was worn to a bachelorette party so the party quality of this dress got a great workout.

Bonus?  This dress has a very fun back.  When I walked around, it felt like a cape.  Hilton Head Island isn't very out-there fashion-wise, so I'm going to take any chance to wear a cape that I can get.  Topping off the look is also some of my favorite pink Kendra Scott jewelry pieces, mostly because the combo of neon kiwi and hot pink makes me swoon with happiness.

Because there was so much color in the actual dress itself and jewelry, I decided it was probably a good idea to go more neutral in the bag and shoes.  Let me just say, this leather Lilly Pulitzer bag might be my favorite bag I've ever bought.  I've carried it as an everyday bag for about a year now and it still looks as good as the day I bought it.  My fingers are crossed that they release another leather bag in their upcoming Resort collection.

These shoes ended up being fabulously uncomfortable but I ended up so loving the look of them that I didn't mind that much.  They're very on trend right now and I can see why.  The "naked shoe" aspect makes legs look long and the blush color means they match just about everything.  Definitely fun to have in your closet, as long as you don't plan on doing too much walking.

And bonus fun for the day- how great is that sign next to me?  Alligators are definitely one of the more interesting parts of living on Hilton Head Island.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Links à la Mode

Happy Monday, y'all!  I don't know about you, but I had one of the best long weekends I've had in a very long time.  I'll have some great pictures to share soon!  Until then, this post is something pretty cool and new.

Recently, I was picked to be a part of Independendent Fashion Blogger's Links a la Mode, along with their other top posts of the past week.  Below, please check out some fun and inspirational posts from a wide range of styles to get you through your day!  I ended up spending waaaaay too much time reading all these but it was totally worth it.

Links à la Mode, June 11

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prep in your step

There's something about the combination of pink and green that manages to scream summer prettiness.  I absolutely love it.  This outfit also has the distinguished bonus of mixing gingham and seersucker, which might be the best fashion combination south of the Mason Dixon.

Even though Vineyard Vines is based out of New England, they've become a Southern Staple--for good reason.  The quality of their garments is always outstanding.  (I've had my very favorite jacket from them for several years now.)  I got my green gingham shirt from their outlet in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware way back when, and have collected a couple colors since.  If anyone from Vineyard Vines is reading this, please please open more outlets, especially in Hilton Head!  I promise to personally keep y'all in business.  Until then, I'll just online stalk and droll over these awesome Oxfords and the most amazing piece of outerwear I've ever seen in my entire life.

But seriously, y'all, how adorable are these scalloped seersucker pink shirts from Lilly Pulitzer?  I'm a sucker for anything with scallops, which makes me such a happy camper, since they're everywhere this season.  I don't think I can go shopping alone anymore.  I see scallops and its like a moth drawn to a flame, except that flame is more of a burning desire to buy everything in sight.  

Rounding up the look are Jack Rodgers, which basically go with everything (but have no traction, as I managed to completely fall over on the dock while wearing them) and my favorite souvenir from Paris--the pink Longchamp bag that has been the affectionate name of "Barbie Purse" by my coworkers.  I'm absolutely in love with this bag, even if every time I look at it I'm reminded that I'm no longer in Paris Paradise.  Fun fact: About five minutes ago I realized that you can personalize Longchamp Le Pliage bags on their website and now I might be slightly obsessed with getting one. 

I wore this outfit for a casual boat ride with some friends and coworkers and it was so great to see Hilton Head from the water!  If you even think about visiting the island, a boat tour is definitely a must-do.  We're right on a dolphin migratory path and they always love to come up and play around the boats.  And I must say, the views of the island are pretty spectacular as well.

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