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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweater Weather

As I type this, it is 75 degrees and sunny on Hilton Head Island.  However, Europe tends to be a bit colder, and there were a couple of chillier days in Ireland.  We were lucky enough to have tons of sun when we visited Blarney, making it the perfect place to wear my Target lace-trimmed sweater.  Although the sweater is now sold out, Urban Outfitters has some similar ones that I've linked to below, and you can easily replicate the look with a lace trim slip and sweater that's already in your closet.

The taupe booties managed to make another appearance here, as did my Kate Spade bag, which seemingly goes with everything.  My favorite thing here though, are my toothpick jeans from J Crew Factory.  They have enough stretch to be comfy but not too much where you're forced to be pulling them up all day.  It also helps that J Crew Factory seems to be constantly having sales.

similar sweater // jeans (on sale!) // kate spade bag // similar taupe booties // similar necklace // bun bow

Our bus tour to Blarney from Dublin started around six in the morning, so the last thing I wanted to do was style my hair.  Luckily, before the trip, I grabbed up a bun bow from Gina Made It.  It was a fun surprise to add some whimsy to the outfit.

My shopping quest in Ireland was to purchase a fantastic chunky sweater.  Luckily, Ireland is probably the best place in the world to buy a sweater.  The country is famous for its Aran sweaters that are hand-made and known for their complicated stitching.  What started off as a traditional fisherman's sweater eventually made its influence all over the world.  When my sisters and I stopped at Blarney to visit it's castle and kiss the famous Blarney Stone, there had to be a side trip to the woolen mills instead.

The end result was pretty fun... A sweater super warm and comfortable PLUS long enough to wear with leggings.  Typing this post up is almost enough for me to want it to be cold out again so it can make another appearance.  This sweater is also perfect to style up.  It was incredibly easy to pair with a red lip, Tory Burch Riding boots, and my absolute favorite Lilly Pulitzer clutch.  Throwing on a leopard scarf ended up pulling the whole look together.

I've been experimenting with new ways to tie my scarves, and my new favorite has to be making it into a bow.  It's as easy as tying your shoe laces, only with a much cuter end effect.

Overall, I'm pretty grateful for the now-warm weather!  I'll definitely be breaking out the lighter weight Target sweater for summer nights, but the Aran sweater sadly might have to wait until the fall.  I've heard that my friends up North have been having some colder weather, but for now I'm okay with my sunny warm beaches!

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