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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Point me to the party

GET IT?!?!  Point, like in FINGER POINTING!  It's a nail pun!

Okay, bad puns aside... I am a nail polish addict.  I own over 400 nail polishes and had to buy a decent-sized cabinet from IKEA in order to store them.  I'm extremely anal about my nail polish, too.  I can't stand any chips, smudges, or imperfections.  My easiest way to avoid these things?  Glitter!  Besides being ridiculously fun, glitter is a great way to cover up any nail polish mistakes.  Above, I've included my current favorite combo: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy layered under Point Me to the Party.  Both are neon fabulous, and don't we all need a little neon for summertime?  

However, the best manicure in the world is nothing without a good top coat.  Seche Vite top coat is by far the greatest $10 I've ever spent (Slight embellishment?  Maybe.  But trust me, this stuff is amazing.).  Over the years, I've experimented with quite a few and none manage to live up to the high standard that Seche Vite has set.  You're probably wondering, "What is so awesome about this top coat where someone would actually write a whole paragraph on it?"  Well, I'll tell you what makes it awesome--it dries super fast, with a high shine, and lasts a good 7-10 days.  I'm not exaggerating about the quick dry effect either.  Within two minutes, your nails will be dry to the touch, and within five minutes, you actually use them like normal.  The worst part of any manicure is waiting around with wet nails and Seche Vite basically eliminates that.  Seriously, if they ever stop making this stuff, I'll go crazy and horde 5,000 bottles in a secret closet somewhere.

Moral of the story: Use a good nail polish top coat and believe in the power of neon and glitter.  Even you're not brave enough or have a more conservative work place, you always have toes, too.  With summer just beginning, the possibilities for nail creativity are many.  Embrace them!  Please, let me know if y'all have any favorite polishes right now... I could always add to my endless collection!

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