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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pale is the new tan

The other day, I had an event for work that required me to be outside.  It was pre-Memorial Day, early in the morning, and only lasted about an hour.  Somehow, I still managed to end up with a sunburned face and shoulders.  Of course, my burns never turn tan.  They just peel away and leave me with what I'm sure is slightly more damaged skin.  I'm sure many readers can relate.  However, since I've moved to an island where people seem to be constantly perfecting their tans, it's been impossible to not occasionally be a little self-conscious.  

Instead, I've been trying to embrace the skin I'm in.  SPF 50 and I have become best friends, I'm testing at least half a dozen facial sunscreens, and there's a monogrammed sunhat heading my way.  I'm whiter than a sheet of paper and the only thing that will actually change that is a never-ending cycle of freakishly expensive spray tans.  And that's okay.  Protecting my skin now will pay off later, or so my dermatologist tells me.  Maybe I can never fully pull off wearing the color yellow, but at the end of the day, I've become comfortable with who I am.

Today I went to buy groceries and the cashier told me I had lovely skin.  I don't think I've ever heard such a fantastic compliment.  It completely lifted my day.  I hadn't even comprehended that my insecurities could actually be something that people liked.  

No matter what shade of foundation you buy, you're stuck with the skin you're in.  Embrace it, love it, but most of all--Protect it!  Learn to love sunscreen and set an alarm to reapply it if you need to.  Personally, I think the spray aerosol sunscreens are a lifesaver when it comes to easy reapplication.  Hopefully, after testing out all these new sunscreens, I'll have some recommendations soon.  Until then, the best way to love your skin is to take care of it this summer!

Also, I couldn't end without this adorable fun fact!  Did you know sea lions roll around in sand for their sun protection?  True story!
photo courtesy of ABCnews


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