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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Long Day Dress


At first I debated sharing these photos.  I wasn't able to take them until late in the day when the sun was setting, so the quality isn't the best.  However, I was so impressed with this dress that I had to share!  Banana Republic advertises it as "wrinkle free" and it really is.  I went through a long day of work and college football and somehow this dress stayed intact!  It's also a great blend of a class button down with a little something funky.  However, this dress does run short.  I'm average height and bought it in a tall for a little modesty.

Another thing... how great are these shoes?  Lace-up flats are my favorite trend of fall and these ones are such a great deal--three colors for under $50!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day Sales

My must-haves for fall?  A red lip, bows, and leopard print!

Holidays that celebrate America always seem to have the best sales.  I took this opportunity to finally invest in a good camera--please wish me luck, because I'll need it!

Aerie // Buy one, get one 50% off, free selfie stick with $75 purchase
Amazon // 20% off qualifying items with code LABORDAY20
Ann Taylor // 50% off fall styles with code HAPPY50
Anthropologie // 30% off sale items with code EXTRA30
Banana Republic // 40% off entire site with code BRFALL 
J. Crew Factory // 50% off entire site, no code needed
J. Crew // 30% off order of $125 or more with code GETSHOPPING 
Kate Spade // 25% off sale items with code DELIGHT
LOFT // 30% off fall items, 50% off summer sale items
Madewell // 30% off fall items, extra 30% off sale items with code YESANDYES
Nordstrom // Up to additional 40% off sale items
Nordstrom Rack // 25% off clearance items 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Healthy Turkey Chili

I love food.  Eating is by far my favorite thing to do.  However, I also live at the beach and find myself in bikinis fairly often.  Because of this, I've managed to reach a compromise and try and cook healthy, guilt-free food.  Earlier this week, I made my first crock pot chili of autumn.  It's delicious, easy, and good for you! The most important thing is to check the sodium levels of all the groceries you're buying.  Just about everything has options where sodium isn't added.  If you aren't careful, your meal can turn into one big salt-fest and end up being rather unhealthy.

1 lb ground turkey
1 white onion, diced
2 (14 oz) no sodium added diced tomatoes
1 (8 oz) can no sodium tomato sauce
1/4 cup no sugar added ketchup or chili sauce (if you want it spicy!)
1/4 cup water
1 (15 oz) can dark red no sodium added kidney beans
1 packet Mrs. Dash's chili seasoning mix
4 stalks celery, chopped
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Brown ground turkey with chopped onion.  While they are browning, combine all other ingredients in your crock pot.  Stir them together.  When turkey and onion are browned, stir together in crock pot with other ingredients.  Cook all day on low or on high for 3-4 hours.  Top with shredded skim-milk cheddar cheese and greek yogurt.  (I promise, greek yogurt tastes exactly the same as sour cream!  You can't tell the difference!) 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Two Fashion Documentaries to Watch Right Now

This weekend was really productive for me.  After realizing that Hilton Head wouldn't be hit by a hurricane, I opened a bottle of wine, read the September issues, and watched some fashion documentaries.  Though very different, (one condemns the fashion industry while the other celebrates it) they're both worth taking a look at.

The True Cost concentrates on the negative side effects of "fast fashion," or stores like H&M, Forever 21, etc. where we can all get on-trend clothing for super cheap.  Though at times it loses me--like when it goes into some deeply unsubstantiated claims on cotton growth, it's overall a very in-depth and excellent look at the ripple effect that fast fashion has on the rest of the world. 

If you know me in real life, you probably know how disappointed I am with this year's Vogue September issue.  Seriously.  Beyonce is on the cover despite never actually being interviewed and there only being four pictures of her in the entire magazine.  Normally however, Vogue is awesome and this documentary demonstrates why.  It really makes you appreciate the effort that goes into making all those fashion shots appear effortless.


Monday, August 31, 2015

All American Autumn

The past few days have been pretty busy.  For a while, it looked like Hilton Head would be hit by Tropical Storm Erika.  I had an emergency bag packed and ready to go for a bit!  Luckily, the storm dissipated and all we've gotten is some cool and rainy weather.  It's finally starting to feel like fall!

You may have remember the shirt I'm wearing here from my Savannah explorations but with some taupe booties and blue jeans, it's a great shirt to transition into fall with.  This shirt is perfect for a messy tuck, but still has that classic feel.  Taupe booties also look like they'll be the "it" shoe item for fall--everyone has them!  They go with everything and anyone can pull them off, so it's easy to see why they're so popular.

shirt // similar booties // jeans // similar jacket // bag

As for our blanket scarf contest winner... Congratulations to Maggie Pedersen!  Maggie, check your e-mail today so I can get your details and mail your prize!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Instagram Roundup

Oh, Instagram!  It's an amazing place that allows me to share snippets of my life that don't necessarily make up a blog post.  Lately though, I've been seeing way too much cute stuff to not share here.  I've included a roundup of some of my favorite snaps lately--enjoy!

THERE IS A MACARON SHOP ON HILTON HEAD!!!!!! Oh--and it's totally amazing.  The macarons are a larger size than what I'm used to... no complaints there.

This is by far one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It's a flashback from my semi-recent trip to Ireland, overlooking the Cliffs of Moher.  The sights were breathtaking.  My sisters and I definitely hopped the fence and it was so worth it!

Lately we've been getting a ton of rain on the island, but after the storms come the most beautiful sunsets.  It's always a nice reminder that sometimes the difficult times lead to the best.

How cute is this little Williamsburg cottage?!  The air in Virginia felt so much drier than South Carolina!  It's amazing how much the humidity hits you here.

Have you entered the blanket scarf/Starbucks giveaway yet?  Today is the last day, so don't miss out!  Scroll down a few posts to find the entry form.  It's never too early to prepare for fall.

I love the idea of chambray and lace.  It feels very South Carolina to me.  Also returning here are my Frye wedges, which have been replaced since breaking on me in the middle of Savannah.

slip // chambray top // wedges // clutch // similar necklace

I've been on the quest for the perfect tawny leather jacket and tried this one on with a going-out outfit.  Unfortunately, it ended up being too big, so back it goes.  Looks like my quest continues!

Meet the best shirt ever!  It's big, flowy, comfy, and also owned by Taylor Switch.  It's definitely made the "I'm lazy but want to look okay" rotation of shirts.

tee shirt // jeans // similar heels


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Holy Grails: Part Two

We all have our "Holy Grail" items--the things that we'll buy entire shelves of if they're ever discontinued.  Whether they be cult favorites or new discoveries, it's always wonderful to find that one product that makes life a little bit easier.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you, but turns out that I really love buying stuff and there were a few too many to fit all into one post.  This is Part 2.  Scroll down to the next post for Part 1!

Aerie Brooke Bra
I worked at Aerie one summer in college, discovered this bra, and never looked back.  This bra is everything.  It gives you just enough push-up, is extremely comfortable, and doesn't give you bra-outlines in tee shirts.  My friend Julia and I are obsessed with these bras.  Right now, all bras at Aerie are only $20, so now is the perfect time to stock up!

Tory Burch Reva Flats
These flats are like the Energizer Bunny--they just keep going and going.  I'm very hard on my shoes and my flats look just as nice as the day I bought them.  I also found my pair at Nordstrom Rack, which ended up saving me a ton of money.  Funny story, I decided that the best way to get the most out of these flats was to get a neutral color... So I bought the leopard print pair.  No regrets.

Hunter Rain Boots
First of all, these rain boots are on MAJOR SALE RIGHT NOW.  I've linked to the sale above.  Sometimes I feel like these boots never go on sale, so the fact that they're 70% off right now is insane.  These boots are classics and unlike some others I've had, never leak and get your feet all wet.  It's currently what I call the "rainy season" in Hilton Head, so these boots have paid for themselves several times over by keeping me warm and dry.

Tory Burch Riding Boots
I know this is the second pair of Tory Burch shoes on this list, but Tory Burch makes some seriously good shoes, y'all!  This is another pair of shoes where if you wait and stalk, you won't have to pay full price.  That being said, I know folks who have owned these boots for years and years.  While they're definitely an investment piece, they'll last you as long as you take care of them.

Old Navy Leggings
Comfortable, completely transparent, definitely made for working out... Apparently this is the trifecta to creating the perfect legging.  I don't think I've actually ever worn these leggings for working out but daaaaaaang they look good under a chunky sweater.

Lilly Pulitzer Worth It Handbag
I seriously debated including this bag, since it's very difficult to find still on sale.  But the world needs to know how great Lilly Pulitzer leather products are!  I bought my clutch about a year ago and have legitimately used it three or four times a week since.  It's held up in the most amazing way.  The clutch also originally cost around $200, which really is a great deal for a leather handbag with sturdy hardware.  If you have the chance to buy leather goods from Lilly, get them!  Their shoes are amazing as well.

Ray Ban Tortoiseshell Wayfarers
These are the ultimate pair of sunglasses.  They're sturdy, timeless, and fun.  I may someday add to my sunglasses collection, but for the foreseeable future, these are the only pair I see myself needing.


Monday, August 24, 2015

The Holy Grails: Part One

We all have our "Holy Grail" items--the things that we'll buy entire shelves of if they're ever discontinued.  Whether they be cult favorites or new discoveries, it's always wonderful to find that one product that makes life a little bit easier.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you, but turns out that I really love buying stuff and there were a few too many to fit all into one post.  The solution ended up being that today there will be beauty favorites and tomorrow there will be some fashion necessities to follow.

Bare Minerals Foundation
I avoided the Bare Minerals hype for a really long time, ignoring a lot of people around me who swear by the stuff.  Finally, I got a free sample when ordering a bunch of other stuff from Sephora around the same time my previous foundation wore out.  Turns out, this powder really is great.  For the first time in a while, I'm getting compliments on my skin and I'm not completely grossed out by all the foundation I wash off my face in the evening.

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara
Wow.  Seriously, WOW.  I never found a mascara worthy of investing in before this one.  It delivers so much volume and length and you can layer it on without it going clumpy.  While it's a little pricey for a mascara, it's been the only one I've found to be worth the $$$.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Red Lips are awesome.  Smudged lips are not.  Kat Von D's Everlasting Lipstick in Outlaw is the perfect red and it seriously does not budge.  I wore this to a Black Tie Optional work event where I really needed to look my best the whole time and it survived dinner, drinks, and the after party.  It's the only lipstick that I can wear and not worry about touching up--this lipstick doesn't lie about being everlasting!

Julep Creme to Powder Blush Stick
This stick is so handy and makes it so I have to clean one less makeup brush, which alone was enough to make me love it!  It's also incredibly pigmented and a little bit goes a long way so one stick will last you forever.

Seche Vite Top Coat
This is single handily the BEST nail polish top coat I have ever used ever.  I love this stuff so much that I want to be buried with it.  It legitimately dries in about a minute, gives incredible shine, and makes my manicures last for a good ten days.  It also costs around six dollars.  You're meant to put it on while the nail polish is still a wee bit wet, so it also speeds up your manicure.  Buy this now, thank me later.

Benefit's Watt's Up Highlighter
This is the natural glow that you wish you could give off all on your own.  I put it on my cheekbones and under the brow bone and it makes me feel like one of those cool girls that can roll out of bed and look ready to conquer the world.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner
I totally blame my friend Lauren for getting me on the Bumble & Bumble wagon.  In all seriousness though, I started using this a few weeks ago and I've noticed that my hair does look way more awesome in all the blog photos.  I can feel and see a difference in my hair and a little of it really does go a long way!  The Surf collection is what I'm currently using, though I might switch it up for fall--the great beachy scent of these may make me long too much for summertime.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme
It smells so good and works so well!  The secret to good nails is always in the cuticle and a little Lemon Butter goes a long way.  It keeps nails looking like you just came from the salon and fits really nicely into those random purse pockets that seem like they're too small to fit things in.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Red Stripes

Some days, you just need to throw on a comfy dress and do your thing.  I think this red striped dress from J Crew might be the perfect dress for those occasions.  It's practically wrinkle-proof, looks great with cognac colored wedges, and will also go with some tights and booties for summer and winter.  I'm gravitating to having my purchases right now not being too "summery" and this definitely fits the bill.  Also--it has stripes.  Red stripes!  So basically, it's the perfect dress when you're feeling lazy but don't want to look lazy... AKA- me, every day.

I wore this dress to help one of my best friends set up her venue for her wedding day.  About halfway through the groom asked me if I wanted any pictures for my blog.  It was so nice of him to take time out of his special moments to take a few pictures of me.  I know my friend definitely found the perfect guy!

dress // wedges // bag // similar necklace


Friday, August 21, 2015

White Blouses and (Almost) Fall Weather

I love autumn.  It's my favorite time of year and despite living on what is technically a tropical island, I cannot wait to be able to wear scarves and sweaters again.  Last week I got a taste of that Fall Fever while visiting my little sister, who goes to the College of William and Mary.  She gave my parents and I a tour of Williamsburg and you could feel the back-to-school anticipation in the air!  It also doesn't hurt that historic Williamsburg is absolutely gorgeous.  We took our dog Rosie around and ended up feeding her ice cubes, since none of us realized it would be hotter than Hades...  I guess it's not quite fall yet.

Something else I love?  Banana Republic.  I've always been a fan of their quality but had thought of them as a "boring" store.  Never have I been so happy to be wrong before.  Their fall collection manages to be young and fun while still being professional.  I'm obsessed with this bag and this dress.

The white blouse I'm wearing is from Banana Republic and can just as easily be dressed up for work as it can be dressed down with some destroyed denim.  If it ever gets cool enough here on HHI, this blouse will also look perfect with some tailored pants and riding boots!

blouse (on sale!) // jeans // wedges (on sale!) // clutch // similar necklace

P.S. Don't forget to scroll down to the previous post and enter to win a blanket scarf and Starbucks gift card!  You still have until the end of the week.  What better way to celebrate fall than with free stuff? 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fall Transition Contest

One of the best parts of August is that it's almost Autumn.  If you're anything like me, you'll be looking forward to the crunch of leaves, riding boots, and football!  To share my love of all things fall and to celebrate the launch of Saltwater Sparkle's new look, I'm giving away one of the fall must-haves before it sells out--the blanket scarf!  Neck not cold?  Have no fear--the prize also includes a Starbucks gift card!

Seriously though... This scarf is amazing.  Super soft, super stylish, and I know from experience that it will keep you warm on a transcontinental flight.  It's also super easy to enter!  Just use the widget below.  For an additional entry, tag two friends on the Instagram post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The New Look

Welcome!  You may see things looking a little bit different around here.  I've found that creating and curating a blog to definitely be a trial and error experience.  It feels like every day I learn something completely new.  The new look of the blog is a much better representation of my tastes and I think it just looks cleaner and nicer overall.  Hopefully, y'all love it just as much as I do!  They'll be a few special things to celebrate over the next couple days, so make sure to keep your eyes open for a chance to win something fun!

Whether you've read since the beginning (a whole couple months ago), or this is your first visit, I'm so grateful to have you here.  Stay tuned--it's only going to get better!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Where I try a bunch of face masks so you don't have to

Until fairly recently, I've been a horrible example of taking care of my skin.  I've been using an apricot scup (that shall remain nameless) and whatever moisturizer was cheapest since middle school.  Not that long ago though, I had the opportunity to get my first facial (which was awesome!) and got a bit of an overdue lecture.  After promising basically the entire spa staff that I would stop using the apricot scrub immediately, I recommitted myself to better skin care.  After all, I take pride in my clothing and style, shouldn't that same dedication extend to my face?  Luckily, some parts of good skin care are insanely fun, like face masks!  And what is the point of having a blog if you can't share your face mask experiences?  I shared some of my favorites below.

This mask has a cult following for a reason.  It's cheap, it clears my skin up, and it lasts forever.  Bonus- It really smells like a mint julep!  Seriously though, this mask might be one of the best budget items that I've ever used.  Use a thin layer about once a week and your skin will thank you.  If you have oily skin, use it a little more often because this stuff will absorb it all for you!

If I won the lottery, I would buy a lifetime supply of this mask.  Sometimes, Sephora will send it out as a sample with your order and let me tell you, I live for those days.  This stuff is amazing.  It goes on in this grey color and you can see the pockets of oil it absorbs from your skin.  Gross?  Oh, yeah.  Every time I've used it, I've seem immediate improvement in blackheads, blemishes, and redness.  If they ever discontinue Glamglow, there will be riots.

Oh my gosh, is this fun.  Basically, you put it on as a thick gel, and when it dries, you get to PEEL IT OFF YOUR FACE.  So much fun!  It gives me a nice glow when I use it and leaves me feeling bright and clean.  I love that it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry afterwards--definitely a fun and fantastic mask!

The Dermalogica brand as a whole has just totally changed my skin.  But what I might love most about this is that a little goes a long way.  I got a sample a couple months ago and it's still going strong.  My skin always feels a little firmer and revitalized after this.  Using this has made me really want to try this sampler from the Age Smart line.  Even though I'm in my early 20's, it's never too early to be thinking of your skin long-term!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Constest Time

Alright folks, by now, I think it's clear how much I love pineapples.  Lucky for everyone, I've teamed up with a great group of bloggers to extend that love to you!  This Tory Burch pineapple tote might be sold out everywhere but we have one to give away to a lucky winner!

Entering is very easy--all you need is an Instagram account!  Follow the link below to get the instructions and good luck!


Monday, July 27, 2015

Chambray All Day

So lately, life has been crazy.  I've taken on more responsibility at work, adopted a kitten in addition to my already rambunctious cat, and overall been more busy than I've ever been in my life.  Luckily, I'm back in the swing of things and I think life is now figured out enough where I have a regular posting schedule worked out.  Just starting out a blog is definitely a learning experience!

But back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I've had this chambray shirt in my closet for months, convinced that it was too boxy to actually work. Apparently, I just need to learn how to tuck things.  Paired with a bow top that was 5 euros at Primark and white jeans, it even makes for the perfect summer outfit!  I've also been wearing heels more and more often lately and gotta admit--these nude ones from Banana Republic might be my favorite pair currently in my closet.  The best part?  Right now, they're 40% off with the code COOL.  I had to physically restrain myself from buying them in other colors.

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